“I was lucky enough to grow up singing, dancing and bounding around the country performing, going to music parties and feeling safe where ever music filled the room. As a child, I believed that everyone sang and played instruments or were storytellers, dancers or artists of some sort. I still believe that they are.”

  • Happy September!

  • The summer has been filled with music and dancing, thunderstorms, protests and lots of berries. It’s a wild time to be alive and thanks for visiting this site.

    Ah the Fall rolls in, we’re starting up our Wild Asheville Community Chorus (WACC) season. Our first rehearsal is on Thursday Sep 14th. Don’t forget to pre-register for the season if you’re planning on singing with us.

    I’ll be offering my “Freeing Your Voice” workshop again soon so check back for those dates.

    For my New England friends, I’ll be on tour with the Starry Mountain Trio Sep. 6th – 9th.
    Come say hello and let us sing you some songs.

    Thanks for supporting my music and adventures!

  • Thank you for supporting traditional music & dance!