“I was lucky enough to grow up singing, dancing and bounding around the country performing, going to music parties and feeling safe where ever music filled the room. As a child, I believed that everyone sang and played instruments or were storytellers, dancers or artists of some sort. I still believe that they are.”

  • Happy Summer!

    2014 has been a full and rewarding year thus far. The Starry Mountain Singers recorded a new cd that we’re in the process of mixing and mastering! Check out our new website to pre order the new cd!

  • I’ve had a music filled summer teaching with Village Harmony and getting to be home in NC a good bit as well.

    Nathan and I are getting our music together for the 11th season of the Wild Asheville Community Chorus! Our first rehearsal of this Fall season is Sep. 18th so if you’re here in Asheville, come on out and sing with us.

    Our new house is feeling very cozy and we’re happily knee deep in projects. A newly painted dining room and circular drive way are this summers highlights.

  • Thanks for supporting all my musical and dancing adventures and happy end of summer!