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  • Across the Blue Mountains

    1. Let Us Cross Over The River
    2. Across the Blue Mountains
    3. Rain and Snow
    4. Orphan Girl
    5. Lone Pilgrim
    6. Sweet and Low
    7. Deeper and Deeper
    8. Travelers Prayer
    9. That’s All
    10. Old Virginia
    11. Hallowell
    12. Texas
    13. Donald Og
    14. Hewed Out of the Mountain
    15. Wood Street
    16. Out on the Rolling Sea


  • Suzannah and sister Georgia Rose self released this recording to document the songs they sang together growing up. The majority of the songs are traditional American and are sung accapella in two-part harmony. They were joined for a few tracks by musician Willy Swartz, and had the pleasure of the added harmonies of the Amidon Family (Peter, Mary Alice, Sam & Stefan) and their mother, Jennifer Armstrong. At the time of the recording GeorgiaRose was 19 and Suzannah was 17.

  • Auburn Blues – SOLD OUT

    1. Man of Constant Sorrow
    2. Amelia
    3. Narrow Space
    4. Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah
    5. Darlin’ Corey
    6. The War’s Gone Bad On Me
    7. Auburn Blues
    8. Someday
    9. The Goodnight-Loving Trail
    10. Deep Elem Blues
    11. In My Time of Dyin’
    12. I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
    13. More Than You Know

  • This album features a collection of both old and new American songs sung with grace and style by Suzannah Park and husband Nathan Morrison along with guest artists: Emily Miller, Jesse Milnes, Bob Willoughby, Laurel Willoughby and Frederick Park.
    The songs come from many genres of American music including, shape-note, Appalachian ballades, old time gospel, contemporary, and early swing gems.
    Auburn Blues was self released in January 2010.

  • Starry Mountain Trio – SOLD OUT

    1. Mamao Chveno
    2. Repentance
    3. Derrett
    5. Agnus Dei
    6. Sa Sant’ Andria di Boziu
    7. Lettera a Mamma
    8. Ganatldi, Ganatldi
    9. Dzlier T’iroda
    10. Supris Khelkhvavi
    11. Zar
    12. Omie Wise
    13. The Craft Maid’s Policy
    14. Awake, Awake / Drowsy Sleeper
    15. Rockingham

  • This cd was released in May 2011 following the trio’s January tour of the same year. The CD was recorded live and features stunning three part harmony singing from America, England, Corsica and the Republic of Georgia.

    The Starry Mountain Trio is:
    Suzannah Park, Gideon Crevoshay & Avery Book

  • Starry Mountain Singers – Peace of Wild Things – SOLD OUT

    1. Peace of Wild Things
    2. Echoes from the Burning Bush
    3. Bear Creek
    4. Bernardinu
    5. Graduale
    6. Ite Missa Est
    7. Redmount Emily Miller
    8. Look Out on the Mountain
    9. I’ll Not Be a Stranger
    10. Hobo’s Lullaby
    11. Those Memories
    12. Petlite Pejat
    13. Ozdolu Idu
    14. Aragvispiruli Supris
    15. Gergili
    16. Upalo Mogvivline Nateli
    17. Tanto Sai Fare
    18. Wednesdays
    19. Prospect Hill
    20. Cowboy Ham and Eggs

  • This live recording of the acclaimed singing group Starry Mountain Singers Released January 2013 this album will delight choral and world music lovers.
    The recording is a vibrant mix of songs both old and new, sacred and secular and comes from America, England, the Republic of Georgia, the Balkans and the island of Corsica.

  • The Starry Mountain Singers: Suzannah Park, Emily Miller, Zara Bode, Nora Jane Struthers, Nathan Morrison, Stefan Amidon, Gideon Crevoshay, Avery Book & Jeff Fellinger

  • I Know The Road

  • This item is currently SOLD OUT. However, it is available through Revels North.

    1. Bright Morning Stars / Vance No More / I Will Arise / Backstep Cindy
    2. Young Hunting
    3. I Lost My Liza Jane / Harmonica solo/ Sheep, Sheep Don’t You Know the Road?
    4. Guide Me O thou Great Jehovah / Highlander’s Farewell
    5. Snowbird
    6. The Swapping Song
    7. Brother Ephus
    8. Little Girl With Her Hair All Down Behind
    9. I Stand All Bewildered / Wondrous Love
    10. Lone Wild Bird,
    11. Orphan Girl / The Cherry Tree Carol / Rye Straw
    12. Sweet Potatoes
    13. Sheffield
    14. Bright Morning Stars reprise /Judah’s Land /Hard Road to Travel / Bo na
    Leath Adhairce
    15. Sweet Marie
    16. Adieu False Heart
    17. Swing a Lady / Johnny, Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk / Jenny Get Around
    18. Sweet Sunny South

  • The album features the artists from the 2006 Revels North production, The Christmas Revels – featuring Suzannah Park, Daron Douglas and Pete & Karen Sutherland. The album is a musical visit to the mountains of Appalachia in all seasons. The CD includes solo and ensemble collaborations as well as contributions from the whole Revels chorus. In addition to the songs, the album includes instrumental numbers featuring fiddle, banjo, and mountain dulcimer.