• Wild Asheville Community Chorus

  • FALL 2017 Season

  • September 14 – November 19th

    • Thursday nights 7 – 9pm
    • plus+ Sun. Nov 5th 1-5:30pm
    • Fee: $120 – $300 sliding scale
    • Rehearsal Location: 5 Ravenscroft Dr. Asheville, NC 28801
    • 3 November concerts:
    Thurs. Nov. 16 ~ Black Mountain
    Sat. Nov. 18 ~ Asheville
    Sun. Nov. 19 ~ Hendersonville

    The Wild Asheville Community Chorus is a musical adventure celebrating and performing both sacred and secular music from various singing traditions.
    Suzannah Park leads the chorus and is assisted by the fabulous Nathan Morrison.

  • Interested in joining us next season?

    We welcome new singers to join us at the start of the new season. The date isn’t set yet for our Spring season.

    No auditions are held. If you want to sing, we want you to come and sing with us!

    To check us out before that, come to one of our Winter Evening Sings December 7th or January 4th or Feb 1st

    Who is welcome?
    Anyone who wants to sing, is willing to use their voice & is interested in building community. All levels of singers are welcome and no sight reading skills are required. I do ask that members of WACC try their best to carpool to and from rehearsal and we also host a few potluck dinners during the season.

  • Fall Season Money Details

    We charge on a sliding scale and don’t want anyone to not sing because of money. We will work it out!
    Our sliding scale is ~ $120 – $300
    Your fee covers 22 hours of class time, music folders, access to online teaching files and goodies for our end of the season Supra feast!

  • Payment Plan – via check only
    If a payment plan will help make WACC fit your budget, here’s how to do it.
    Write 3 checks payable to: Suzannah Park
    Post date the checks for: Sep. 7th, Oct 5th & Nov. 8th

    Mail them to:
    Suzannah Park
    135 Fisher lane
    Asheville, NC 28804

  • Scholarship Fund If you can and want to pay on the higher end of the sliding scale let me know if you want to put some of your fee into our Scholarship Fund and thank you!

    I do have some partial scholarship funds available, and a few work trade positions for our Fall 2017 season. Please email me and we’ll work something out. I’m committed to not let money keep us from singing together!

  • How to Sign Up!

  • Paying with PayPal:
    Log into PayPal and click ‘send money to a friend’
    Use this email: zannahpark@gmail.com

    Include a note with the following info:
    phone number
    address (to set up carpooling)
    Let me know if you want to donate any of your funds towards our scholarship fund.

    Paying by Check:
    Make the check payable to Suzannah Park and send it to:

    Suzannah Park
    135 Fisher Lane
    Asheville, NC

    Include a note with the following info:
    phone number
    address (to set up carpooling)
    Let me know if you want to donate any of your funds towards our scholarship fund.

    If using the Payment Plan:
    Send your 3 postdated checks for Sep. 7th, Oct 5th & Nov. 8th to Suzannah Park and include a note with:
    your email
    phone number
    address (to set up carpooling)

  • About the directors

    Suzannah & Nathan began the Wild Asheville Community Chorus (WACC) by demand from friends and community members in 2008 and have been co-leading the chorus ever since. The music that is taught comes from community singing traditions from around the world. The programs include songs from South Africa, the Balkans, Caucasus Georgia, Ukraine, Old Time American, Gospel and Shape Note songs, to mention a few.

    Suzannah and Nathan are playful and gifted teachers that coax complex harmonies from their singers and have immeasurable belief in each singer’s abilities. Their infectious love of music and community creates a welcoming and vibrant space for music making.

  • Need more info?

    Q: Can I join WACC if I don’t read music?
    A: Yes! The songs are all taught by ear even if there is notated music available.

    Q: Is there an age limit?
    A: The group is open to singers of all ages. If you are under the age of 12 we ask you to bring a parent or adult singer with you.

    Q: How often do you meet?
    A: We meet once a week on Thursday nights from 7-9pm

    Q: Do I have to audition?
    A: No. We believe that everyone can sing and singing in a group is a safe and fun way to find your voice!

    Q: What does it cost to join WACC?
    A: We charge on a sliding scale $120 – $300

    Q: Is WACC a religious group of any kind?
    A: No. We sing songs both sacred and secular. WACC has no religious affiliation.

    Q: How long are your rehearsals?
    A: 2 hours

    What Folks are Saying:
    Check out this wonderful review about the chorus written by Terri Crosby