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Suzannah Park


Suzannah Park is a playful and gifted teacher that can coax complex harmonies from her singers and has immeasurable belief in each singer’s abilities. Her infectious love of music and community creates a welcoming and vibrant space in her workshops and safety and ease in her one on one lessons.

Suzannah comes from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers. A native of Asheville, NC she is happy to be home here in the mountains with her gardens and beloved community. She has been touring and teaching for the past 20+ years, both in the US and abroad.

In 2008, Suzannah and her singing partner, Nathan Morrison, began the Wild Asheville Community Chorus as a fun home town project. It started with twelve friends singing in their living room and has since grown to 100 singers per season. They co-led WACC through 2017, when Nathan moved on to other projects.

Besides singing, clogging, touring and teaching voice, Suzannah is the program director for local non-profit, Community Roots. While wearing that hat, she leads marches, flash mob dance parties in the streets, works with local people, artists, businesses, police officers and politicians and promotes and engages in dismantling all systems of oppression and division.

Wild Asheville Community Chorus

Love singing in community, sharing meals and live in western NC? Find out more and join WACC for an open sing or a season of harmony singing!

Workshop Offerings

Freeing Your Voice:


Limited to 15 singers this 

powerful and intimate workshop 

is for singers and those wanting to use their voices in a more dynamic way.

We focus on tools to 

move through physical, energetic 

or emotional blocks 

that get in our way of fully being 

in our vocal strength.

sliding scale $45 - $100 

4.5 hour workshop

Breath, Tone & Tuning:


Have you ever wanted to 

sing with a more 

relaxed, resonant, full-bodied voice

Do you wish you could 

sing longer phrases 

with more dynamic range

Would you like to 

confidently blend 

in with fellow singers/musicians? 

This workshop is for 

singers and brass players 

and is co-led by 

Suzannah and professional trombonist, Nick Garrison

sliding scale $30 - $100

3 hour workshop

Harmony Singing:


The harmony of notes crashing and swirling together is a wonderful thing to participate with and is something to practice, play and explore.

In this workshop we delve into music making and explore with notes, deep listening, making "mistakes" 

and doing it again. 

This workshop is about the joy of singing and not focused around 

theory or reading music.

sliding scale $30 - $100

3 hour workshop

Suzannah's choir in action

Thanks to WACC singer Misha of Studio Misha for making us this video!